How much do McKinsey, BCG and Bain charge clients for a consulting case?

The conversation about rates happens with every client, sometimes more than once. Sometimes it’s pleasant, sometimes it’s awkward, and sometimes it’s ugly. However, remember that this kind of pricing still excludes the true value of your work. If you’re performing business-altering work, that has a financial price tag to it, as well. Note that your pricing structure should be under consistent review, especially as you grow your skills and attempt to expand your consultancy. Your rates should change every year as you gain experience, build your portfolio, and prove your worth.

average consulting rates by industry

Most consultants prefer to charge this way since clients are usually used to hiring services on a daily basis to avoid limitations on the scope of work which usually happens if you charge by the hour. The daily rate is basically derived from a consultant’s hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours per day that a consultant average consulting rates by industry is expected to be available for work. Consulting fees and pricing can be structured in several ways. But like in most businesses offering services, the number one challenge is pricing their offers. Once you’ve figured out what to charge for your consulting services, you should think about how you’ll take payments.

For example, completing the project will make the CEO’s life much easier — she wants to focus more on running the business rather than stressing about payroll. If you don’t feel like you are being compensated fairly for the value you’re providing, you won’t do your best work. You also have to factor in your time spent marketing, making revisions, etc. Use an app like Toggl to track your time spent on each deliverable. Using the project-based method will eliminate this uncertainty. Consultants are notorious for undercharging — especially when they charge by the hour.

Digital transformation is a big aspect for many who have primarily positioned themselves locally, including print and billboards as marketing instruments. Underpricing a consulting fee for a one-off project sends the wrong message and may affect the quality of service even if you receive a discounted fee. Niche industry expertise can be truly invaluable when choosing a business consultant to partner up with. This revenue comparison also aligns with the hourly rate they decide on. Working “at scale” and impacting a larger number of people or directly supporting the revenue goals of a business tends to generate a lot more, which justifies a high consulting rate too. Or working with small businesses in a consulting and implementation capacity, i.e. marketing campaigns, helping out with recruitment, general high-end strategy.

Consultants who are specialists and make it clear in their marketing are more than twice as likely to have most of their consulting income from retainer-based work. 80% of consultants are actively looking to increase their rate. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where charging by the hour is no longer the best method for you or your clients. Demand for consultants to have a wide breadth of knowledge. More and more, clients want consultants to be both highly skilled and up-to-date on the latest technologies. Once you help a lot of people and get some social proof, you can switch it with a descending funnel.

Don’t Be Fooled: Calculate the Real Cost of Employees and Consultants

Let’s say a large consumer electronics firm hires McKinsey to help them evaluate whether they should enter the online advertising space via their footprint in digital devices. To help bring the above description to life, let’s look at a specific, hypothetical case example and examine what the unit economics of the consulting business look like. These multipliers can vary widely, though, across different companies, or even within the same company from year to year.

Generally, IT consultants charge 10% of the value of what they’re providing. Because your fee is an expression of value, low consulting rates don’t necessarily lead to work or respect. If your clients have regularly hired consultants or freelancers, they’ll be familiar with average consulting market rates.


Without the traditional increase in pricing power that industry consolidation brings, we may see firms begin to shrink project teams or prioritize the hiring of cheaper pre-MBA talent in the next decade. We believe the dramatic increase in pre-MBA salaries is a forerunner to this playing out in the industry over the next years. An IT consultant is compensated based on the number of hours spent working on your project.

  • So, when you are starting out, set a low price of around $50.
  • The first is to divide your weekly pay by the total hours you work per week.
  • Collectively, it’s these many indirect costs that can cause a company to inadvertently “lose money” on hiring its employees.
  • However, this industry ranks better in the temporary jobs category, with Summer and Winter jobs taking last place (Resort staff member and Santa Clause — $10/h).
  • It is more effective than social media marketing when it comes to the acquisition of customers.
  • Generally, IT consultants charge 10% of the value of what they’re providing.

This is why different consultants employ different techniques to ensure they price their services appropriately. In the process, consultants consider every factor necessary to ensure they do not overcharge or undercharge. Otherwise, the risk of losing clients over pricing remains a constant possibility. Interim Executives generally quote a daily or monthly rate rather than hourly or fixed project fee.

You pay an upfront monthly fee to get consultant advice wherever you need it Project-based. You pay a monthly fee in advance to have consultants on your team whenever you need them and to ensure they assist you in making the right decisions during a risky project. IT consultants typically work between 12 and 14 hours per day and charge between $1,500 and $3000. According to Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job sites, Java consultants earn an average of $40 per hour.

How Much Does a Business Consultant Cost: Consulting Fees and Pricing Structure

They will also document every step, and provide you with periodic reports. Here, the consultant does the project within the given deadline. You and the IT consultancy firm simultaneously set the final price for the entire project.

average consulting rates by industry

The regions where English is a native language are usually in advantage when it comes to hourly rates. There exist multiple tasks for an outsourced tech strategist, but not every project involves them all. We are TATEEDA GLOBAL, a HIPAA-compliant software development and consulting firm from San Diego, CA. We have worked with dozens of U.S.-based clients, including large healthcare companies. For example, if you’re more experienced than most people on the market, charge higher rates. If the work is time-consuming and complex, it’s also worth charging more per hour. For many businesses, the major problem is that they don’t have the resources to keep up with the latest advancements in technology.

IT consultant rates per hour 2022 by country

Try another search query or take our salary survey to get a personalized salary report for your job title. Let’s take a look at the different methods you can use to create your pricing structure. People have been led to believe that goods and services have an inherent value — but they don’t. Pricing comes down to two parties agreeing to a specific number.

average consulting rates by industry

Productized consulting services are becoming more popular — 40% of consultants offer a fixed-scope, fixed-price productized service. Read on to learn about what consultants are doing with their consulting fees — and learn how to earn more revenue in your business. Here’s how you set your consulting fees using the project-based method. The project-based method is a strong pricing method for beginner and intermediate consultants. But it removes a lot of the uncertainty around hourly billing. But what they don’t realize is that every other top business consultant in the market is offering more or less the same services because they have done their research.

Consulting Fees FAQs

As a consultant, your day/week should be divided into three main tasks. You should spend a third of the time creating content, another third of the time looking for new clients and a final third should be reserved for servicing the clients. This type of model is called «Fixed fee», because regardless of outcome, the client will pay the agreed upon fee for the work. While Fixed Fee is a common pricing model used in consulting, it’s worth noting that there are a few other alternative models that pop up. Strategic advice, and in the case of implementation work, hands on guidance and step-by-step help on executing it.

Management Consultant Experience level

Both at the undergraduate/master’s level and post-MBA/PhD, management consultant salaries continue to stay competitive to rival Banking and Big Tech. Uncle Sam loves your bonuses and will make sure to get his share. So don’t forget to account for taxes when planning your bonus spending .

An experienced IT consulting firm can quickly assess the scope of your project and provide a fairly accurate estimate of how much it will cost to develop. They can put together a development team, create a realistic timeline and determine the best methodology for building a successful software product. If you’re thinking how to get started with calculating your hourly rate, you’ll want to do some research. Start by looking at what other freelancers and consultants are charging.

Financial Advisors Vs. Investment Bankers

Outsourcing your IT needs can be a big benefit, especially if you want to focus on other parts of the business or if you need help with a complex project that could take up all your time. According to Glassdoor, Java consultants receive an average of $40 per hour ($79,137 per year), but according to ZipRecruiter, they are paid $62 per hour in the United States. Notice that you might be working 40 hour weeks, but you’re not necessarily available for all that time. It’s a good choice once you’ve worked with a consulting company for some time and ready to continue month-to-month cooperation. For example, if you’re looking for a cost-effective offshore destination Central Europe could be the right solution. You may convince your client to cut out some of the scope to meet your pricing constraints, or you may insert a clause into the agreement to raise your rates after 2 to 3 months of satisfactory work.


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